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Thin Brick Continues to Gain Popularity

Thin brick has gained enormous popularity in recent years for both commercial and residential construction projects. These small light-weight cladding units are made from the same materials and processes as other manufactured stone products. Thin brick offers all the aesthetic beauty of traditional brick masonry with all the economic benefits of lighter, thinner wall construction.

When compared to other light-weight cladding products, thin brick offers superior durability. Thin brick is resistant against minor impacts, storm damage, fire, and offers additional security and noise reduction.
The design possibilities for using thin brick are endless, as this product can be produced in limitless colors and styles. Today’s manufactured brick can be produced and installed to match older existing brick surfaces. It is an excellent cladding product for both exterior structures and well as interior wall surfaces.

Thin brick combined with stone is a popular choice today. Installed alone or combined with other cladding systems, the traditional beauty of brick never goes out of style. In addition, we can show you new and exciting ways of installing thin bricks that will make your project both unique and beautiful.


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